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About Healing

Healing From Imbalanced to Balanced

Our being consists of the spirit; what the person inherits; how we live our life; foods that we eat, stress, chemical exposure; as well as our susceptibility: the weak link in the chain. All disease (dis-ease) starts as an energetic imbalance.  The imbalance then degenerates the body – the Vital Force – the Chi.  The energetic change turns into a physical change which then changes into physical pathology of the body.  The dis-ease of the body then turns into a disease. You feel off balane and then start to present with symptoms though nothing may show up on any lab tests, at least not yet. But if you wait long enough; if the person does not take care of the imbalance or only treats the physical symptoms, then the whole system ends up degenerated.

Covering up your symptoms, whether it’s with homeopathy, herbal supplements or conventional medicine will not lead to balance.  Working on the whole will lead to a stronger Vital Force then healing can take place.  As you start to feel better with this approach, you will gradually stop doing whatever you use as band aids to cover up the symptoms, and the symptoms will not come back again.  If you are at the disease stage and you want to get back to the place where your vital force is in balance you need to take your path to healing.  If you are looking to reach your health potential you should take your path to healing.  Each person has his own health potential level. 

All your bodies systems need to be in balance in order for you to be in a homeostasis balance:  your cardiovascular system, your gut, your hormonal system as well as your nervous system.  There are four support beams that complete health: your mental/emotional, your hereditary tendencies, your nutrition and the process of elimination of your toxins.  We need to work on all those levels in order to reach your health potential. 

  • Where do you think you are?  What state are you in right now?
  • How long do you think it will take you to get to the top, where it all began?
  • The point is to gradually go back to health, back to where the imbalance started. 

Be patient with your therapy

Notice the subtle changes and improvements as you gradually work your way back to health, back to balance, back to before your Vital Force was disrupted.  The path to healing is not always easy--you may encounter bumps along the way.