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Orly Bernstein, DHom, CCH

About My Practice

"The natural force within each of us is that greatest healer of all."
- Hippocrates -

Orly Bernstein, 

Classical Homeopath

Make a choice for a healthy life, one where your body can heal itself.

As a practitioner, my approach to health and healing is by consultations, teaching and guiding clients as they go through their path to healing.

I help clients learn how to take responsibility for their own health. Homeopathic remedies help your body start the process of self-healing. 

True healing comes from within.
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where true healing comes from within.
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About Me

My own personal path to healing was a long and difficult one until Homeopathy was introduced into my life in 1995.  As a baby I had developed severe eczema and mild asthma which traveled with me throughout my life. Every year, I would have to be on antibiotics at least twice a year.  Since the age of 14, my hormones have been off balance causing weight gain, depression, excessive hair growth, severe mood swings and more.

In 1995, I decided to take responsibility for my own health and began to research more natural and non-suppressive ways of healing.  What I found was that within us exists a living intelligent energy that is responsible for healing and maintaining balance in our bodies. In 1999, I had the opportunity to start studying homeopathy with some of the most talented homeopaths in the world, and realized that this was my true calling and passion. 

Since that time, through my practice, I have helped many people discover their own body's ability to heal.  With a deep caring about each individual, I help people appreciate and understand the power of their bodies.

With the right guidance and the help of the right remedies, you too can find your path to healing.

In my practice, I have had the honor of helping clients with:    

  • allergies
  • injuries
  • hormones
  • depression
  • weight
  • reoccuring colds
  • chronic ear infections
  • environmental sensitivity
  • and more

    It's important to note, that all disease is a "dis"ease of the body.  There is an imbalance in an organ where your susceptibility is and where symptoms stem from.  

    My focus is to help your body find its balance so that you move from an unhealthy state to a healthier state of being.

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